What I find really interesting is that we have all these sayings about words
stick and stones, etc.
Then people who understand what its really like call bullshit.

And its true that words wound.
But when you think about it, it isn’t really the words.
For example. I had a friend who called me Jewbie. A funny word for Jew. It was a nickname and we used it for laughs.
By contrast in middle school I had people throwing the word Jew at me. They made it something ugly. The word was stripped of its beautiful history and tradition. It became a thing of shame. And I have never been ashamed of being Jewish. And yet when they started talking about “dirty Jews” shame is the main emotion I felt.
That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It branches out and hunches your shoulders. It stings your eyes until they are wet.
I guess whats odd is somebody might be called a spazz, or a retard, or stupid. But in a different context we throw around these words for fun and we laugh.
I guess I wonder if the problem is the word itself or the mouth it comes from?

As a parting thought I will leave you with a beautiful spoken word poem that led me to this train of thought


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