15 Gorgeous Songs from Film

I was debating writing some deep post about religion and then I said fuck it I will do one of my favorite things: make a list.

We all love music, its easy to make a list of my favorite songs and put the obvious stuff like Adele or Florence + The Machine but I find so many people say they like classical music or movie soundtracks and they don’t know half the good music that’s out there. And…I really like recommending music.

And I should add all of these songs have no words.

1. Bible Study- Marco Beltrami
From the soundtrack of 3:10 to Yuma(a really great movie by the way). The song is exciting and builds and captures the spirit of a dark western.

2. Building the Crate- Harry Gregson Williams & John Powell
who knew kazoos could be exciting right? From the soundtrack to Chicken Run. I like my exciting songs and this one is fun and peppy and makes you feel like having your own cool montage to do something.

3. Buckbeaks Flight- John Williams
I know with Harry Potter everybody loves Hedwig’s Theme but this franchise produced a lot of good music besides that. This one from The Prisoner of Azkaban is really rousing and inspiring.

4. A Motley Crew-Raphael Beau
Every good list needs an obscure French song. It’s from the movie Micmacs. The whole soundtrack is worth a listen. Blending many elements including a Stomp-like use of sound effects. This one has a nice melody and when its gets big its quite bombastic.

5. Test Drive- John Powell
How to Train your Dragon was another movie with a KICKASS score. If you love the celtic sound its especially fun. This was a big exciting song that makes me feel like flying.

6. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony 2nd Movement
Not technically from a soundtrack but it was prominantly featured in two fabulous films. The Fall and The King’s Speech. I have heard many arrangements but the way it sounds in The Fall is my favorite (The King’s Speech edits some good parts out). A slower pace which adds a lot of weight to the big moments.

7. Frankensteins Monster- Henry Jackman
X-Men: First Class had some great highlights. One of which was Magneto’s theme. Here it starts soft and builds to a very menacing (and awesome) crescendo.

8. Enterprising Young Men- Michael Giacchino
I love a lot of Star Trek music and I love what Giacchino did with the 2009 Star Trek reboot score. For fun also check out the End Credits where he finally pulls out the big guns with the themes and makes a great musical suite.

9. Romanian Wind- Hans Zimmer
I cannot describe how much I love this song or how many times I have listened to it. I dare you to try and sit still for the entirety of the song. It’s weird strings and gypsy style music. But it also reminds me of Kleizmer. Call it a fun hodge podge if you will.

Up is Down- Hans Zimmer
Debate the quality of the films but The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had some really fun music. This is a favorite of mine from At World’s End. A little wacky and very exciting.

10. Road to Chicago- Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman is an interesting composer. One of the few I can usually spot just by listening. This is a really haunting number from the fascinating film Road to Perdition

11. The Letter that Never Came- Thomas Newman
A Series of Unfortunate Events was actually a very awesome movie and it featured Newman at his most inventive and playful. I recommend the whole soundtrack but this is a quieter number that is quietly hopeful. When I am in the right mood it will induce weeping.

12. The Great Eatlon- James Newton Howard
I make no claim to M. Night Shamalan being a talented film maker(especially of late) but his collaborations with James Newton Howard often create some magical music. This one is from Lady in the Water and it’s gorgeous.

13. The White Tree- Howard Shore
No list of music is complete without some Lord of The Rings. Those films feature nine hours of beautifully crafted score. This is my favorite from The Return of the King. Just shut your eyes and soak it in.

14. One Last Message- Andrew Lockington
The film adaptation of City of Ember might have been way off the mark but the music was fun and exciting. The final song on the soundtrack is a real highlight.

15. Cloud Atlas End Title- Tom Tykwer & Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil
Cloud Atlas was widely debated for it experimentation and format. But the music was actually lovely in its simplicity. It only featured a few main themes which are used and twisted and used again. (I think the pitch on this has been tweaked slightly because of youtube but you get the idea)

P.S. if you happen to listen and like anything leave me a comment and let me know. It would make me very happy


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