Chicken Soup is better than any medicine

I’m too lazy too actually find the articles I have read about the health benefits of chicken soup but I can tell you I have had many health problems(All minor enough but there were many many problems). I had to restrict my diet a bit and then I had to restrict it more. And I keep kosher by the way which didn’t help things.

And one thing that I just refused to remove from my diet was chicken soup…I revised the recipe a bit but…yeah. Chicken Soup is just my favorite food ever and I have gotten really good at cooking it over the years.

So here is my recipe for chicken soup.

fresh Parsley
fresh Dill
Some form of boullian or soup stock
Red peppers
Paprika(a little bit)

For the love of god take that icky gross chicken skin off before putting it in the bowl. It just adds fatty fat ick to your soup and you don’t need it. If you have stomach problems like me you can be really intense and pick apart the chicken to remove major fat deposits in the meat but…its cool if you don’t.

Measurements vary based on the amount you’;re making but I like to use a big stockpot and just fill it up with stuff.

1. Throw some water in that pot and let it warm and start to bubble. Throw in the spices. Fresh dill and parsley are best but dried works too. 3-5 sprigs of each will do. For dried just shake out a bunch. You want more parsley than dill either way. Add maybe like 2 tablespoons of salt. Don’t be afraid of salt but go easy at the start. You can always add more later but you can’t take it back once its in. Also add some soup flavor. 1-2 bouillan cubes or chicken broth cans. Or just a box of chicken soup stock. Now let all that sit and deal with your chicken

2. When the chicken is skinned throw it in. For big pots I like using 2-3 leg quarters of chicken.

3. VEGETABLES. For those with a sensitive stomach add more carrots and very little onion. For normal people a whole onion, 3 sizeable carrots and 3 or 4 sticks of celery will do. Peel wash and dice it all up as per your preference. Dont be scared of cutting big pieces since the soup cooks for a long time and we dont need to murder the veggies, just cook them. If you have the other awesome vegetables now is the time.

4. you might need to add more water. Some may boil off but basically add as much water as you want. Consider how much broth you like in your soup and go from there. It will all cook down.

5. Bring it to a simmer and let it cook for AWHILE. Maybe an hour or more. when the veggies are cooked and the chicken is falling off the bone do a final taste test. It might need more salt(GO EASY ON THAT SALT THOUGH) or maybe more bouillan/stock. I have that Better than boullian stuff so if I need a little bit I can just scoop out a bit from the jar(ALSO GO EASY ON BOULLIAN). basically just remember taste tests are your friend.
5 1/2. If you want bites of chicken throughout your soup than fish out your pieces of chicken and cut all the meat off the bones and into nice sized chunks. You can throw away the bones now or throw them back in the pot for flavor and such.

6. You have done all the things and your soup taste good serve it up! I like to add some form of starch like noodles or soup croutons but brown rice or quinoa is good too

And there you go! I would add some misleading picture of my super beautiful soup but I dont take pictures of my food so here’s a picture of really tasty looking soup 

and an extra recommendation. When reheating the soup use a small spot and take out the amount you plan to eat and reheat that. I find that after 1 or 2 reheatings soup starts to not taste as awesome. So keep your big pot of soup fresh and don’t throw the whole thing on the burner again unless you plan to eat a lot of it right away.


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