Um I haven’t the faintest what this is. Just some poetical word vomit

I Am Woman

You may stare at the curves

at my red lips and delicate fingers

My muscles may not be so strong

My legs might not be so long

But I am woman

hear me roar

I have powers you can’t imagine

and not just for making babies

I can make my own decisions about my body

I can dress like whatever I want to be

I can wear gobs of make up or not a speck

because I am woman

I am strong and fierce

I can raise the oceans and the earth

the skies cannot contain my ambition

the mind cannot contain my thoughts

My dreams are limitless

My potential unending

No human can stop me based on my gender

or any of the notions that come with it

so cower in my shadow mere mortals

I am woman.

Like I said…kind of poetical word vomit. I wrote it thinking of Brienne in last weeks Game of Thrones when she shamed Jaime into silence with the power of her¬†femininity…also Iron Man 3 and seeing Pepper Potts go full badass….I just really love strong women

Um I haven’t the faintest what this is.


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