The Hallway

So occasionally this blog can be about not serious things right? Of course it can.

Right now I am at work waiting for a video to export and while I wait I need to tell you all about this absurdity.

I work (Until October sadly) in a pretty nice office building thats in a less than nice part of town. So I guess somebody’s idea for keeping out the riffraff was to leave the front doors open but keep the bathrooms locked. You need a key to get into the bathroom. All the offices have their own key.

And because I am one of those fidgety workers always snacking and sipping my drink I tend to need said bathroom often enough.

But it’s on the other end of this super long hallway.

I almost NEVER see people in this hallway and for awhile when I was concerned about being professional I just walked and stared at the floor and my shifting shadow due to the overhead lights I passed.

But that got boring really fast.

And how I have never been caught is amazing.

I have skipped, pirouetted, danced and jumped down this hallway. I think one day I will breakdown and actually do a full on Monty Python silly walk.

So essentially I work at a serious job in a serious building with this hallway that I just can’t take seriously 


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