How to deal with your artist

If you are reading this you might have friend or relative or significant other who is of the artistic ilk or temperament. They feel the need to create and are often difficult to deal with. so here are a few friendly words of advice about how to handle your artist

  • Occasionally your artist might suffer from a block. Like a clogged drain that wont let water pass your artist is clogged. Somewhere between the brain and hands all the art gets stuck. At best what ends up on paper is a mess. At worst there is nothing at all. Art block is uncomfortable and depressing. Your artist may be grumpy and moody. Consider plying them from their dark moods with sweets and a nice movie.
  • Sometimes your artist may seem lost to the world as they work on a thing. When inspiration strikes you have to work fast and catch the lightning strike before it fades. The artist may work tirelessly for hours in the glow of their genius. Try not to interrupt your artist since they may not take it well. If you feel up to it, get them a glass of water or a snack. They might have forgotten such physical needs
  • And finally, it may be annoying having every rough sketch shoved under your nose while your artist stands by with puppylike eagerness. But art is meant to be looked at by many eyes and it gratifies your artist greatly to have you look at it. Even if it’s a half finished painting that looks like nothing at all. Offer up any praise you can think of. If the work merits criticism then give it. Your artist needs to know how he or she can improve but criticism may hurt so be gentle.

And that is all the wisdom I have to offer you. Go out in the to the world with your artists! They may not have seen the sun for awhile and its good for them to remember a world exists outside their own mind. 

Good luck!


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