Love like Literature

(Sorry its been so long… have a poem)

I thought our love was like literature

Every word we spoke was poetry

I thought your eyes wrote sonnets and your lips spelled them out

The lines of your hair lay like pages and your chin was a soliloquey

The space separating you from me filled with letters and longing

Our reaching hands told gripping tales

But eventually the book was shut

Then shelved

Now I see there were no words

No rhymes, no pages

No beautiful sounds that carried so many meanings

Instead it was just you and I

With nothing between us but air

(The first line is kinda lifted from Parades End. The poem came when I wanted her to end the second line with poetry and she didn’t so a poem happened instead)


Homesick and Nostalgic

I may have mentioned I recently moved across the country so I have had a lot of time to think about being homesick and such

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The Best 100 Movies Challenge

Woohoo! I found another excuse to make a list…and I do so love lists.
This guy had a challenge thing:

so yeah my top 100 favorite movies. They are sort of ranked but I love them all a lot.

1. The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King
2. The Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers
3. The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring
4. Moon
5. The Brothers Bloom
6. Jane Eyre(2011)
7. Pride & Prejudice(2005)
8. Mulan
9. Lilo & Stitch
10. Wall-E
11. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
12. Star Wars: A New Hope
13. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
14. Chicken Run
15. Silverado
16. Inception
17. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo(2011)
18. The Road to El Dorado
19. Singin’ in the Rain
20. Chicago
21. The Fall
22. Skyfall
23. The Avengers
24. Good Will Hunting
25. X-Men
26. Star Trek(2009)
27. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
28. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
29. Star Trek: Voyage Home
30. How to Train Your Dragon
31. Amelie
32. Notorious
33. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
34. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
35. The Emperor’s New Groove
36. Spirited Away
37. A Knight’s Tale
38. Stardust
39. Little Miss Sunshine
40. Princess Bride
41. The Bourne Ultimatum
42. The King’s Speech
43. Serenity
44. Shakespeare in Love
45. 3:10 to Yuma(2007)
46. Slumdog Millionaire
47. To Have and Have Not
48. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
49. L.A. Confidential
50. Gladiator
51. Pan’s Labyrinth
52. Stranger than Fiction
53. Back to the Future
54. Fievel Goes West
55. Persuasion
56. Love Actually
57. Sherlock Holmes
58. Iron Man
59. X2
60. X-Men: First Class
61. Super 8
62. Morning Glory
63. A Series of Unfortunate Events
64. Cowboy Bebop- Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
65. Fullmetal Alchemist- The Conqueror of Shamballa
66. Howl’s Moving Castle
67. Whispers of the Heart
68. Hugo
69. Third Star
70. The Decoy Bride
71. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
72. Princess Mononoke
73. Coraline
74. Live Free or Die Hard
75. The Dark Knight Rises
76. Bridget Jones’ Diary
77. Seabiscuit
78. A Little Princess
79. The Secret Garden
80. Someone Like You
81. Becoming Jane
82. Atonement
83. Michael Clayton
84. The Matrix
85. The Birdcage
86. Hot Fuzz
87. Blood Diamond
88. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
89. Seeking a Friend at the End of the World
90. Memento
91. The Prestige
92. The Illusionist
93. America’s Sweethearts
94. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
95. Looper
96. Everything is Illuminated
97. Road to Perdition
98. Away we Go
99. Pheobe in Wonderland
100. Duck Soup

100 movies I love! and yeah I can’t say I love Duck Soup less than Little Miss Sunshine or something so maybe ignore the numbers a little bit?

Chicken Soup is better than any medicine

I’m too lazy too actually find the articles I have read about the health benefits of chicken soup but I can tell you I have had many health problems(All minor enough but there were many many problems). I had to restrict my diet a bit and then I had to restrict it more. And I keep kosher by the way which didn’t help things.

And one thing that I just refused to remove from my diet was chicken soup…I revised the recipe a bit but…yeah. Chicken Soup is just my favorite food ever and I have gotten really good at cooking it over the years.

So here is my recipe for chicken soup.

fresh Parsley
fresh Dill
Some form of boullian or soup stock
Red peppers
Paprika(a little bit)

For the love of god take that icky gross chicken skin off before putting it in the bowl. It just adds fatty fat ick to your soup and you don’t need it. If you have stomach problems like me you can be really intense and pick apart the chicken to remove major fat deposits in the meat but…its cool if you don’t.

Measurements vary based on the amount you’;re making but I like to use a big stockpot and just fill it up with stuff.

1. Throw some water in that pot and let it warm and start to bubble. Throw in the spices. Fresh dill and parsley are best but dried works too. 3-5 sprigs of each will do. For dried just shake out a bunch. You want more parsley than dill either way. Add maybe like 2 tablespoons of salt. Don’t be afraid of salt but go easy at the start. You can always add more later but you can’t take it back once its in. Also add some soup flavor. 1-2 bouillan cubes or chicken broth cans. Or just a box of chicken soup stock. Now let all that sit and deal with your chicken

2. When the chicken is skinned throw it in. For big pots I like using 2-3 leg quarters of chicken.

3. VEGETABLES. For those with a sensitive stomach add more carrots and very little onion. For normal people a whole onion, 3 sizeable carrots and 3 or 4 sticks of celery will do. Peel wash and dice it all up as per your preference. Dont be scared of cutting big pieces since the soup cooks for a long time and we dont need to murder the veggies, just cook them. If you have the other awesome vegetables now is the time.

4. you might need to add more water. Some may boil off but basically add as much water as you want. Consider how much broth you like in your soup and go from there. It will all cook down.

5. Bring it to a simmer and let it cook for AWHILE. Maybe an hour or more. when the veggies are cooked and the chicken is falling off the bone do a final taste test. It might need more salt(GO EASY ON THAT SALT THOUGH) or maybe more bouillan/stock. I have that Better than boullian stuff so if I need a little bit I can just scoop out a bit from the jar(ALSO GO EASY ON BOULLIAN). basically just remember taste tests are your friend.
5 1/2. If you want bites of chicken throughout your soup than fish out your pieces of chicken and cut all the meat off the bones and into nice sized chunks. You can throw away the bones now or throw them back in the pot for flavor and such.

6. You have done all the things and your soup taste good serve it up! I like to add some form of starch like noodles or soup croutons but brown rice or quinoa is good too

And there you go! I would add some misleading picture of my super beautiful soup but I dont take pictures of my food so here’s a picture of really tasty looking soup 

and an extra recommendation. When reheating the soup use a small spot and take out the amount you plan to eat and reheat that. I find that after 1 or 2 reheatings soup starts to not taste as awesome. So keep your big pot of soup fresh and don’t throw the whole thing on the burner again unless you plan to eat a lot of it right away.

15 Gorgeous Songs from Film

I was debating writing some deep post about religion and then I said fuck it I will do one of my favorite things: make a list.

We all love music, its easy to make a list of my favorite songs and put the obvious stuff like Adele or Florence + The Machine but I find so many people say they like classical music or movie soundtracks and they don’t know half the good music that’s out there. And…I really like recommending music.

And I should add all of these songs have no words.

1. Bible Study- Marco Beltrami
From the soundtrack of 3:10 to Yuma(a really great movie by the way). The song is exciting and builds and captures the spirit of a dark western.

2. Building the Crate- Harry Gregson Williams & John Powell
who knew kazoos could be exciting right? From the soundtrack to Chicken Run. I like my exciting songs and this one is fun and peppy and makes you feel like having your own cool montage to do something.

3. Buckbeaks Flight- John Williams
I know with Harry Potter everybody loves Hedwig’s Theme but this franchise produced a lot of good music besides that. This one from The Prisoner of Azkaban is really rousing and inspiring.

4. A Motley Crew-Raphael Beau
Every good list needs an obscure French song. It’s from the movie Micmacs. The whole soundtrack is worth a listen. Blending many elements including a Stomp-like use of sound effects. This one has a nice melody and when its gets big its quite bombastic.

5. Test Drive- John Powell
How to Train your Dragon was another movie with a KICKASS score. If you love the celtic sound its especially fun. This was a big exciting song that makes me feel like flying.

6. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony 2nd Movement
Not technically from a soundtrack but it was prominantly featured in two fabulous films. The Fall and The King’s Speech. I have heard many arrangements but the way it sounds in The Fall is my favorite (The King’s Speech edits some good parts out). A slower pace which adds a lot of weight to the big moments.

7. Frankensteins Monster- Henry Jackman
X-Men: First Class had some great highlights. One of which was Magneto’s theme. Here it starts soft and builds to a very menacing (and awesome) crescendo.

8. Enterprising Young Men- Michael Giacchino
I love a lot of Star Trek music and I love what Giacchino did with the 2009 Star Trek reboot score. For fun also check out the End Credits where he finally pulls out the big guns with the themes and makes a great musical suite.

9. Romanian Wind- Hans Zimmer
I cannot describe how much I love this song or how many times I have listened to it. I dare you to try and sit still for the entirety of the song. It’s weird strings and gypsy style music. But it also reminds me of Kleizmer. Call it a fun hodge podge if you will.

Up is Down- Hans Zimmer
Debate the quality of the films but The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had some really fun music. This is a favorite of mine from At World’s End. A little wacky and very exciting.

10. Road to Chicago- Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman is an interesting composer. One of the few I can usually spot just by listening. This is a really haunting number from the fascinating film Road to Perdition

11. The Letter that Never Came- Thomas Newman
A Series of Unfortunate Events was actually a very awesome movie and it featured Newman at his most inventive and playful. I recommend the whole soundtrack but this is a quieter number that is quietly hopeful. When I am in the right mood it will induce weeping.

12. The Great Eatlon- James Newton Howard
I make no claim to M. Night Shamalan being a talented film maker(especially of late) but his collaborations with James Newton Howard often create some magical music. This one is from Lady in the Water and it’s gorgeous.

13. The White Tree- Howard Shore
No list of music is complete without some Lord of The Rings. Those films feature nine hours of beautifully crafted score. This is my favorite from The Return of the King. Just shut your eyes and soak it in.

14. One Last Message- Andrew Lockington
The film adaptation of City of Ember might have been way off the mark but the music was fun and exciting. The final song on the soundtrack is a real highlight.

15. Cloud Atlas End Title- Tom Tykwer & Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil
Cloud Atlas was widely debated for it experimentation and format. But the music was actually lovely in its simplicity. It only featured a few main themes which are used and twisted and used again. (I think the pitch on this has been tweaked slightly because of youtube but you get the idea)

P.S. if you happen to listen and like anything leave me a comment and let me know. It would make me very happy

Little Mary Lou- A Poem

Little Mary Lou was born to the sound of screaming
She grew up warm and loved
and then one day, it all changed
Families were broken, tears were shed
and Little Mary Lou fell through the cracks.

Others laughed and played, kept screaming, kept crying
“Can I come out?” asked Little Mary Lou
“No Mary Lou, we don’t like you.”
And so Little Mary Lou stayed beneath the cracks.

Others went out, made friends, learned and grew.
“Can I come out?” asked Little Mary Lou
“No Mary Lou, we don’t have time for you.”
And so Mary Lou slept beneath the cracks.

Others developed and changed, felt new emotions, saw new sights
“Can I come out?” asked Little Mary Lou
“No Mary Lou, we’re too busy for you.”
And so Little Mary Lou lived beneath the cracks.

Others made choices, decisions, plans.
“Can I come out?” asked Little Mary Lou
“No Mary Lou, we don’t have room for you.”
And so Little Mary Lou was forgotten beneath the cracks

Others aged and felt satisfied with their lives.
“Can I come out?” asked Little Mary Lou
“No Mary Lou, we’re too tired for you.”
And so Little Mary Lou died beneath the cracks